Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear
two days


Meine haare=totalschaden.
färb sie morgen das 6te mal und hoffe, dass es dann erträglich ist!!! SOO GRAUSAM!!! O_O...

naja. noch zwei tage. muss noch ganz viel machen bevors losgeht.
1.4.07 13:35



15 Stunden.

ich fahr jetzt erst mal in die stadt, den rest kaufen, dann waschen, dann mit kessy und dann packen und dann gehts auch bald schon los!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gaaaaawd, es wird SO awesome O_O... ... <3
2.4.07 11:49

back home

it was just amazing. i dunno what to say.

i want it all to be back... i want to be back on the road.

and i will.

fuck school O_O XD
12.4.07 16:30


.. stoßen mich glückliche teenies total ab.

i dunno why. but i dont feel like writing german.
i dont feel like going to school either.
i just wanna live my life the way i want

the fact its impossible is making me damn sick. and i want the world to see that.

so fuck you.

i just dont feel comfortable. im just not so well.

to be honest, i feel like shit.

ha. so thats it.
14.4.07 21:16

im a model, u know what i mean and i do my little turn on the catwalk...


school so totally sucks. gawd.
17.4.07 13:49


Gott. ich will hier raus. loL! ich überlege wieder n austauschjahr zu machen, oder n halbjahr oder so. oder wenigstens drei monate..

am liebsten england, schweden oder die USA oder dänemark *<3*....

mal sehen.

und omg, upcoming shows---> A LOT!

from autumn to ashes, saosin, the used, mcr paris, mcr merignac!

O_O!!!!!! i need money. fuck.

so. whatever.
18.4.07 17:22


got a 2+ in that fkkn english-project though. i mean - WHO CARES? i even gotta 1- in my test. thats such a joke.

so... mhm. its kinda boring. everything... and it doesnt seem to end though. well, i dunno what i'shd do. i mean.. well. i need money and i need to be fkkn 18... its chliche, but hey, LIFE SOMETIMES REALLY SUCKS. LIKE IT REALLY SUCKS!... yep. so true.

uhm. dunno what ill do ... weekend-thingy.
whatever itll be. i believe ill be bored to death til wednesday. but well, i wont have to go'da school so i dont care.

ill do just anything for mcr paris. dont care about dad's opinion. =D

so-uw. uhm. yep. thats just like another day of my little uninteresting life. gaawd. i can be so like depressed, LOL!

see you, losers =D
26.4.07 20:01

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