Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear

I can't sleep
In the wake of Saturday
When these open doors were open-ended

hey dudes,

today was nothing going on in here.. because i just wanted to sleep.. i was kinda sad cause i wasnt at rar... a few minutes ago i saw their show on youtube. thanks guys =D...

what can i say... i dont know.
2.6.07 13:26


i gave you blood. blood....

few days, few concerts... will post summaries later.. i have to go to work now... -____- its so warm outside... gaaaaaawdaamn....

cu later huh.
9.6.07 11:09

alls those feelings, those yesterday's feeling will all be lost in time.

yesterday i worked a few hours.. mwahaha, i got 50€ im so rich right now. mwhaha.. ehm.. and now back to reality...

uhm.. dani phnoed my a while ago oo. interesting? ^^

ive nothing to tell.. or.. no - i DONT WANT to tell anything. thats the point.

so what?
10.6.07 20:38

only when i stop to think about it.

so. i spent the list night at me mum's and ... i didnt sleep so well and im happy to be home again heh ^^

pretty boring.. everything..
16.6.07 19:07


22.6.07 21:05

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