Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear
this ain't a scene...

it's a GOD DAMN arms race...

hell yeah.
16.7.07 09:33


so just breathe.

seriously... the last night was so damn horrible. i tried EVERYTHING not to sleep here.. but it was like nobody could help me. in the end i slunk into my room at like 1am or i dunno... and that was a biiig mistake though... i dunno.. i was arguing with dad anyway.. but i feel like i kinda cant stand all this.. jyhfsgk rubbish.. right now.

tine (hkjahf) was here, too. omg. dads room is nect to my room. you can probably imagine the rest of the story. i was SO discusted! i had difficulties not to throw up -.-...

and i dunno. i was kinda really.. D: hurt? since mum and dad are divorced there are always such feelings telling me something would be wrong.

it just always were mum and dad. not dad and... this stupid bitchfuckingwhoereslut... or mum and this.. fucking retardbastarddumb... you got the idea, eh?...

its just not right like this. and i kinda realize that i'm not ... ready for that yet. i dont wanna see that, i don't wanna know it.

i just wanna leave this place... i feel like i need to live alone for some time.

im ready to leave alone for years. living with my dad is just not right, it kinda makes me sick though...

life is a bitch. seriously.
19.7.07 12:27

uhm yes.

kinda confusing, but okay though eh D:..
sooo, i met ela todayyyy... was kinda funny... also, i got a tick for ffaf .... <3<3<3 logo hh ^^
i hope mcr wont disturb my plans. or well. i would LOVE it xD... mcr, pls, go disturb everything, just go on tour, fuckers.^^

we'll see. i dont even have holidays that day.. 6.10.
fuckit ^^
20.7.07 18:35

me = stupid?

i realized the 6.10 is aaaayyy SATURDAY. omg, perfect, eh?...

today i believe i'll visit wenskus xD... i dont really feel like going out, but staying at home yesterday was kinda reaaaly boring and i dont need to do that again in the near future.. (didnt like it)...

uhm yeaaaaaah, come oon... im still thinkin bout going to paramore?!... hm, wont get sold out anyway. paramore dont use to have sell-out crowds in germany i think. and if so... wayne....

uninteresting. ill go out for a walk with kessy now i think. otherwise itll be too hot later.

see youuu, fuckers..
21.7.07 12:39

everything just sucks the hell outta life D:


bwaaah. everything goes wrongwrongwrong. but know what? i am NOT sad. omg, no, not at all. im pretty amused to be honest D:... what the hell i dont give a FUCK ... not my business. ... - okay, actually it is, but i dont care. others can worry bout that, ive other stuff to do.

i hope they choke and die or at least get a cold or whatev. something really bad -.-...

fuck you all, but keep in mind that im laughing mao.

happy death to you,

in love,


22.7.07 15:51

talk shows on mute

... yeah, yesterday i stayed at home and it was sooo boring^^ well, at least i phoned dani.. now i have told somebody bout whats going on and.. hm.. it feels kinda better now.. D:

today we'll all go to the TW... jaco's bday and stuff... maaan, dunno if i feel like partying ^^ whatev... i have to...

........ D:
23.7.07 14:12


its about 11am... ill now eat something.. take a shower, pack me stuff together and then drive to me mums house.. D: ill "live" there for ay while..

i believe tonights there are some friends coming.... :D... we'll see whatll be going on, eh...

i'm hungry like hell now, so ill go eat smth.

25.7.07 11:21

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