Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear

omg, today ive to go to tha doctor.. D:

and omg, so much stuff to do. doing this design, which is soo damn complicated and expens...

AND booking flights (If dad remebers to give me some money eh)...

i just hope everythingll work out in the end..
1.10.07 13:27



omgee. i just looooove all those "OMG I WANNA BE EMO"-punkassbitches at our school xD they make me laugh all day. thats why school can be fun. (though it cant)..

wanna be like them?
- thanks but no thank XD
11.10.07 17:23

stress is a bore?!

lol, its paradoxical but i find it boring to be in stressy situations since i cant do ANYTHING to escape lol!

there are so many things on my mind and im not able to get them out D:
whatever, the fucking vacations go by way to fast since it's already thursday. i mean.. WTF???!!!!! i need more time.

lets pretend to breakout.
18.10.07 00:25


mcr sold not enough ticks so some shows has been mislaid now in SMALLER VENUES! like WAY SMALLER venues! O_O

thats so awesome i cant tell im way more excited now cause this is awesome O_O now there are just 3 big big venues left instead of 4 :]

lol its getting smaller and smaller. it was small in the beginning but the club now is smaller again LOL.. in the end mcr will play in front of 500 people LOL
19.10.07 13:34

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