Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear
this was fkkn crazy^^

ehm. my weekend. well.^^ little report? no problem. on friday i was - like nearly everybody i know (XD) - at daetz's! well, i have to admit i was really drunk but i remember everything pretty well. you could also say "i remember everything PERFECTLY well!"...
and.. i believe i behaved good^^ but i left 1am anyway =D.. it was funny. dani and laura and me had some sparkling wine... SOME! you could call that TOO much^^ lol dani and me with tooo much bubbles is always THE FUN!!! gaawd^^ my drunkbuddy^^ and laura seems to be good at being drunk with sw as well! haha!!!

=D... what else. um well, i dunno how i made it home as drunk as i was.. but i managed it perfectly well^^ during the night i drank 2l of fanta D: in the morning i felt good^^

saturday evening i went to henrik's with ole. besides us there were also felix w/ cennet, goldi, henrik fcourse and daetz. believe thats all^^
it was really chilled and i wondered why henrik had so much food in there LOL! oh, at least they didn't kill themselves with the fire.. D: that was tough!!^^

i left at 11pm or so...
today, sunday.. pretty boring tbh! ill learn some mathstuff and yep. school tomorrow!!!
16.9.07 17:09


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