Well Heaven Knows That Without You Is How I Disappear
srsly people, srsly...


it seems like i finally found an org that is willing to make this exchange with me.. mwahahaha!! unbelievable eh?
so.. we'll see what happens... but... omg tuesday D:!!! my life.. all about tuesday O_o!...
ehm yep. if everything works than i have LOADS of things to do! like traveling to berlin and stuff to get a visum -_- or all this shit where teachers have to write things bout ya. lol, hopefully ill choose the right ones - otherwise itd suck^^ like if id choose frau schwarz^^ thatd be INSANE DUDES x'DDDDDDD

ehm yep. whatev - we'll see (already said but who minds?)
im out. its late and stuff. and im psyched. and that sucks. ^^
ill try to calm myself down and stuff. watch out xD
23.9.07 01:42


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